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Year: 2022
Month: 5
CEB and Ministry of environment has officially lunched registry of SO2 emission allowances ..

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are SO2 allowances

One SO2 allowance is allowance to emit one ton of sulfur dioxide.

How much does it cost to create Holding emitter account?

Slovak emitters does not have any direct costs involved in management of the SO2 accounts.

The only costs are small postage costs, or time cost for persons to learn the account management.

Our company was asked to prove list of persons who will have access to the registry. Why?

Ministry of environment as the manager of the national registry for SO2 has sent letters to emitters to set the list of persons who will have access to the registry.

Registry manager require:

  1. List of public contact persons of the emitter
  2. List of persons who can propose a transaction in the registry
  3. List of persons who can approve a transaction in the registry
  4. List of persons with read only access
  1. Contact persons will have its contact information public (Name, Phone, Email, Web and others) . The contact information is provided for emitters to have contact between each other, and also for public to have contact information to reach them.
  2. Security of transfers in the registry is ensured by separated management of persons who can propose a transfer in the registry and persons who can approve the transfers. These persons can be same, but emitter is taking higher risk of lower security level.
  3. We recommend to set persons who are allowed to aprove transfers in the registry to be the list of statutars.
  4. We recommend to give read only access to the accountants and persons for internal or external audit.

Who is the registry manager?

Registry manager is Ministry of environment of the Slovak Republic.


Mgr. Celarová Nikoleta

Ministry of environment of the SR

Department of Environmental Assessment and Organization

Department of Air Protection
Nám. Ľ.Štúra 1
812 35 Bratislava

Technical manager of the registry is Commodity Exchange Bratislava. Commodity Exchange Bratislava has created the SO2 registry and is conducting registry on the technical basis on its servers.


Ing. Ľudovít Scholtz

Secretary General
Commodity Exchange Bratislava

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