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Year: 2022
Month: 7
CEB and Ministry of environment has officially lunched registry of SO2 emission allowances ..

SO2 emission allowances registry

Welcome to the offical Slovak national registry for emission allowances SO2.

Registry is managed by Ministry of environment of the Slovak Republic. Register was created by Commodity Exchange Bratislava, who is technical manager of the registry.

In the present time, the process of registering allowed persons for access to the registry is in progress. Registry manager has requested SO2 emitters to list persons for access to the registry. Every emitter will select: 1) Public contact person, 2) List of persons who are allowed to propose transfers in the registry, 3) List of persons who are allowed to confirm transfers in the registry, 4) List of persons with read-only access to the registry.

Besides the holding accounts of the emitters, the Registry manager can create also Personal holding account. Personal holding account can be obtain by any physical or legal person.